TSAW Serie 2010.

TSAW/Serie 2010 is over: after 52 compilations, 526 tunes were selected. We hope that you enjoy! Let's start a new year & a new serie. Don't hesitate to leave a comment to ask informations or just to say hello!

TSAW/2010.52 - "All Night Long"

A selection of Canadian Hip Hop, French Groove, New Deep Funk, an interlude, Library Music (Original Sample), Hip Hop US, Hip Hop Instrumental, Soul (Original Sample), New Deep Jazz & Soul...

TSAW/2010.51 - "Cry To Me"

A selection of Soul Sisters from America, Turkey, Estonia & France...

TSAW/2010.50 - "Tziganes, Tziganes"

A selection of French Punk, Rom from Romania, Rom from Turkey, Balkan Beat, Rom from India, Soundtrack, Rom from Hungary, Rock Gitano, Gypsies from India & Spain, Manouche Jazz, & Electro...


A selection of Deep Jazz, Spoken Word, Trip Hop (Public Enemy cover), Soul, Soul Instrumental, Reggae Roots, Deep Vocal Jazz, Hip Hop US, Soul (Original Sample) & Jazz Vocal...

TSAW/2010.48 - "The Awakening"

A selection of Original Samples from Ahmad Jamal's album 'The Awakening' sampled by DJ Premier, Mr. Walt, Pete Rock, Kero One & No I.D.