A selection of Soul brother, Rocksteady, Reggae (DJ Version), Brazilian Groove, Bollywood, French Soundtrack, Italian Beat, Jazz, Hip Hop US and French Groove (Original Sample)...

[R1502] "Seven Day Fool"
A selection of Soul Sisters!

[R4001] "Come Down Baby"
A selection of Hip Hop from the vault of El Leurvo.

A selection of Rebetiko, Hip Hop US, French Pop (in a Brazilian Style), Soul, Anadolu Rock, Bollywood, New Deep Funk, Hip Hop US, Lebanese Groove (Original Sample) and Brazilian Jazz.

A selection of British Groove, Ghana Groove, Rocksteady, Pakistanese Groove, Bollywood, Anadolu Rock, Brazilian Jazz, New Deep Jazz (Ethiopian Cover), Hip Hop US, Soul (Original Sample).

A selection of Calypso (Trinidad), Soul Sister, Ethiopian Groove, Cuban Groove, Qawwali (India), Farsi Groove (Iran), Brazilian Rock, Italian Groove, Electro, Anadolu Rock (Original Sample)...